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King Farm Journal

An ongoing journal of photos and progress reports of our new site in Rockville, MD at the King Farm homstead. Newest stuff on top.

08/10/04 Club meeting at KF; pulling wires and a layout!
We pulled out some old wires and received a donation of a layout!

07/13/04 Club meeting at KF; removing nails from ceiling
Well, I have been away. I have a good excuse though; my son was born on 6/23! In the meantime the Club has been hard at work. All of the carpet was removed from the second story, the ceiling in the garage was removed along with the insulation. All debris has been hauled away to the dump. Tonight we removed nails from the ceiling.

05/18/04 Club meeting at KF; excavation work around floor
It looks likely that we are going to excavate most of the sloped garage floor in order to allow for a more comfortable, level surface to have the layout on. The old floor is in poor shape with many cracks and stains.

04/20/04 First club meeting at KF
Many from the Gaithersburg Model Railroad Club showed as well. It was a nice evening and everyone got a good look at the new space and got a feel for the extent of the work which needs to be done at the site.