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last updated 08/17/2004

08/10/2004 Pulling out old wires & a layout!

Tonite one of our members, an electrician, played ringleader and set us all to work in a circus of pulling old wires. Disconnected, old circuits were removed safely as we teamed up to pull staples and coil up the old stuff. Right now the only power we've got is via a gas-powered generator. We're waiting to have the electric company hook us up. We also recieved a special donation from a club member, a layout. Now we have an operating layout upstairs so that when we're sick of pulling out old insulation and nails we can go run some trains!

Pulling staples.
Here is the ringleader directing us to some wires to be pulled.
Some more folks pulling cables out.
The garage doors are going to be dealt with soon too.
Here are some shots from upstairs. This is the main corridor running the length of the building.
Here a member fights with some old cable.
The new layout.
Another shot.
Here is the "kitchen". Everything you see will be remodeled.
We have some issues with the roof which are to be taken care of very soon.
You can see we have our work cut our for us!
Another spot with some water damage from above.
"Bathroom". The claw foot tub is gone now. So these "before" shots will give you a good idea of where we've come once the work is done. Now, come join in the fun every Tuesday night!

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