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last updated 09/08/2003

Altamont Engine Facility

The Altamont Coal Tower looms high over the facilities a the east end of Altamont. Just to the left of this picture is the yard's turntable and 3-stall roundhouse.

West-bound grade, Bayard Junction to Summit

WM 2-8-0 #763 leans hard into the grade out of Bayard Junction. Most likely there is a helper tacked on the back of this engine, just out of sight around the corner.

Bayard Junction Passenger Station

MD Central Doodlebug #4644 idles on the siding at Bayard Junction. The curve just visible to the right is main line coming in from Redhouse, Grafton, and Points West. The tracks heading off to the left side become the branchline to Bayard.

Bayard Juntion

MD Central #1514 switches the American Foundry in Bayard Junction. The truck in the lower-left is backed up to the Freight Depot.


MD Central GP-7 #2406 heads light into McHenry.

Deep Creek

MD Central 3-truck Shay #55 works the coal mine in Deep Creek. That's the feed mill in the background.

CR Junction

Pennsylvania RR 2-8-2 #1702 pulls onto the MD Central mainline from the Johnstown line of the Pennsy. Heading off to the right, #1702 will begin the climb to Savage and on to Altamont. That is the above-ground portion of Big Savage #4 Coal Mine along the McHenry branch in the background.

All images Copyright 2001 Deane Mellander

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